Gunnar Bittersmann: 29.02. Designing Search UX In 2024

Heute 19:00 online: Designing Search UX In 2024 (kostenloser Workshop mit Vitaly Friedman)

In many products, search is critical, yet too often it’s forgotten or overlooked. Many users heavily rely on search, and investing time and effort into good search is usually a very good investment. So how do people search and what do they expect from a first-class search experience in 2024? And what can we, as designers, do to design better experiences for them?

In this free session, we’ll explore how to do just that — how to design better autocomplete, how to deal with complex filters and improve sorting, how to design better search results pages and improve the experience for power users.

Roll up your sleeves: expect plenty of real-life examples, do’s, don’ts and a healthy dose of “Aha!”-moments. Beware: you might never forget what you’ll learn in this session!

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